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“In His Grip” Founding Member Caddying for Leader

16 Jun

Wesley Bryan  from Augusta, GA fires a course record 63 at the Nashville Golf and Athletic Club during the first round of the Nashville Golf Open.  Keep an eye on this gifted trick shot artist as he only had 19 putts in Round #1.

Also, … [Continue reading]

Play To Your Strengths

26 Apr

I have been playing this great game for 46 years as my Dad introduced me to it on April 12, 1969 on my 8th birthday. My first solid 7 iron was a little draw and it is still my go to shot. Dog leg … [Continue reading]

The Grip is the Foundation

23 Feb

Many golf professionals describe the golf grip as the foundation for the golf swing. The grip is the only way our body connects with the clubs, the instruments with which we play the game. The force and finesse produced in the swing must be transmitted … [Continue reading]

NOW AVAILABLE: Pre-order Signed Copies of My NEW BOOK

3 Feb

NOW AVAILABLE: Pre-order Signed Copies of My NEW BOOK

I want to thank you all for your encouraging words as we are near completion of sending out my new book, “More Than A Game Finding Life’s Answers Through Golf.” Many of you have asked to pre-order a signed copy which you can now do [Continue reading]

Dealing with Adversity on the Golf Course

14 May

Have you ever pulled your drive and you are left with a blind shot with trees between you and the green?  I’ve been there and yes, recently I might add.  Here is how I keep par in front of me and steer clear of the … [Continue reading]

A BIG Shoutout to Mike Bender, Zach Johnson’s Swing Coach

9 May

Please join me in thanking Mike Bender swing coach of Zach Johnson for allowing me to film segments for our “Back Nine” golf segments.  Here is our thank you segment to Mike and his great staff:

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What’s Your Target?

16 Apr

What’s Your Target?


We all know a friend who can easily drive a golf ball over 300 yards. It’s a thing of beauty to watch. Some of those balls seem to hang in the air for hours. Sometimes he can shorten a par 4 to a wedge, … [Continue reading]

What is Your Perspective?

14 Feb

The golf swing only lasts a few seconds. Think about it: from the time the ball is placed on the tee until it is launched down the fairway takes very little time. Most golfers spend the majority of a round walking or riding to their … [Continue reading]

Luke Donald…A Great Swing to Emulate!

8 Jan

I wanted to follow up on the video I posted of Ben Hogan’s slow-motion swing drill and share with you today’s model.  Take a look here at Luke Donald’s swing, not a bad one to emulate for 2014 and beyond.  Take a look at the … [Continue reading]

.09 Seconds to Your Best Golf Swing Ever!

1 Jan

Listen to world class athletes and you will hear them say that on days of their best performance; “its like I am running, skating, skiing and swinging  in slow-motion.”  For golfers, there is this keen sense of feeling the shape of this repeatable tension-free swing.  … [Continue reading]