Take the “Rocking Chair” Test…I Double Dare You!

27 Mar

This Monday, March 28, 2016 marks two years since bringing Micah home.

When I turned 50 on April 12, 2011, we took the Rocking Chair Test.  You know the one, picture yourself in your 90’s sitting on the front porch of your retirement cabin over looking the lake.  As you are rockin’ back and forth, ask each other this question; “as you look back at your life, do you have any regrets?”

Immediately, I answered, “I really wanted to be a daddy.”  Leslie quickly answered with, “I still want to be a Mommy, you know Scott, we could still adopt.”  What?!!! Yeh right, do you really think God wants us to be the new Abraham and Sara story?  Come on Leslie, I’m 50 and you’re 48.  She then pulled out the ol’ prayer card and said, “let’s just start praying about it.”  So we did, together, and in our own time with the Lord.

The confirmations that we started getting were as close to having a burning bush in my back yard that I had ever experienced.  Here is just one of the stories that happened a few days later.  I ran into a gentleman at the golf course.  He started asking me questions about In His Grip and then turned the corner to ask about my family.  I shared with him about my lovely wife and he then asked, “any kiddos?”  I said no, just wasn’t part of the Lord’s plan.  My heart immediately got rocked when he asked, “have you ever thought about adoption?”

What?!   As I stuttered to answer, he asked me another dagger-like question of, “what’s holding you back, age?” Bam, I’m about to buckle and could barely mouth these words, yeh, I guess it is age.  The gentleman then knocked me out with, “Scott, I know that we just met but I am 57 years old and I am about to adopt a 10 yr old boy from Africa, what’s your excuse?”  And down I went.  Truly, what was my excuse?  Age?

That divine appointment led Leslie and I on one amazing journey and as we kept taking the next step, praying and walking by faith.  It led us to the video clip of first meeting Micah in August of 2013.  Enjoy…


I don’t know about you but I have a deep desire of living a life with “No Regrets.”  Take the “Rocking Chair” test.  I double dare you.  I couldn’t imagine missing the blessed opportunity to hear just one word from Micah’s mouth…”daddy”.


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