CAUTION: Are You Losing Your Self-Confidence?

13 Mar

What’s the Source of Your Confidence?

 It’s common in sports, and especially golf, to hear that someone has “lost their confidence.” For instance, when someone, who has been known as a great putter, starts missing very makable putts, a TV analyst will say, “He needs to regain his confidence.”

Regardless of your vocation or station in life, confidence can be easily lost, can’t it? When we lose confidence, we can suddenly feel inadequate in areas where we previously excelled. I can relate.

 Leslie and I had just moved to Nashville in July, 2007, and worked like crazy to get settled. We had a full In His Grip Golf ministry schedule pressing in on us. At the same time, I experienced some deep shoulder pain and couldn’t even swing a club. The fear of possible failure welled up and I started doubting the whole move. I went to see a specialist, and, in the course of our conversation, was able to share with him the purpose of our ministry was to introduce men to Jesus Christ through the game of golf.

 He ordered an MRI just to make sure there weren’t any tears in my shoulder. During my follow-up appointment, the doctor, who was a fellow believer, gave me his prognosis. I had one of the most “pristine” shoulder joints he had ever seen. He then asked me a question that rocked my world. “Scott, have you been losing confidence in your game and wondering if you would ever take another swing?”

 A chill went down my spine! How did he know that was exactly what I had been thinking? He then said, “Your confidence must be in the Lord and not in your own ability.”

 Two weeks later, I was attending an In His Grip Golf tournament where I was to be the pro for the “Beat the Pro” hole. When I arrived on the tee box, I dropped to my knees after reading the verse assigned to the hole. “For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught” (Proverbs 3:26).confidence

 The words from the doctor echoed in my mind. Fear was driving me to lose confidence. I was afraid because I was not relying on God. My pride drove me to think I could do this ministry on my own.

 The world will lie and tell you that self-confidence is only gained through your works, and then it stops at nothing to rip apart that confidence. The Bible teaches that building your true identity and confidence can only be found in Jesus Christ and what He can do in and through you to glorify Him. Let Him be the only source of your confidence.

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