More Than A Game

10 Dec

Proverbs 4:5-7

“Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it costs all you have, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:5–7).

Spectators and Players

There are basically two types of people who show up at golf tournaments: spectators and players. Spectators stay outside the ropes, follow players around, critique every shot, talk theoretically about how golf should be played, and repeat comments they’ve heard about swing planes, wedge play, and players with “the yips.”

Players, on the other hand, are inside the ropes. They walk to the first tee and stare down the alley of people lining the tee box to find a place to land their ball. They fight feeling pressured to consistently hit good shots or to recover from poor ones. They experience the thrill of knowing they played their best and the agony of coming up short. They put themselves in front of everyone, know- ing that no matter what they do, someone will criticize them. They play the game because they love the challenges it presents and the sweet taste of success that comes from a hard-fought victory.

So, how would you characterize your life—spectator or player? Either way, I’m glad you’re here. Like the game of golf, this book is divided into three essential sections: Foundations, Development, and Application. Each section has three chapters that dive deeper into each topic.

There are also two things I want to say about this book.

First, my ultimate goal is to encourage you to be the best life player—not spectator—you can be. The Christian life isn’t lived outside the ropes. A lot of people try, however. They say and do Christian things, but their Christianity tends to stay in the theoretical realm. They may know a lot about Christianity, but they don’t truly know Christ. If this is you, I want you to know you were prayed for as this was written. Be set free from the tyranny of the facade of a Christian life. Grab your clubs, duck under the ropes, and let’s play this game called life. There is more than enough room for all who will.

Players press hard toward the goal of knowing—truly knowing—Christ. They step to the tee boxes of life and take their best shots, knowing things don’t always turn out as planned, but realizing that because they are in Christ, even life’s bunkers work for their good. Players know life isn’t easy; it is filled with victory, disappointment, joy, hurt, acceptance, rejection, friendships, betrayal, and so on. But players also know that if they’ve hung in there, they’ll putt out and hear the Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Second, this book is geared primarily toward men who want to play the front nine of life well. They want to be good sons, husbands, and dads. They want to honor God. They want to position themselves well so they enjoy deeper intimacy with Jesus and have a greater impact for his kingdom during the back nine of life.

Do you see yourself as a player or a spectator when is come to the game of life? Join me in ducking underneath the ropes of life and together let’s play each shot for the glory of God.




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